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One common question that mostly arises is: Is it Okay to Wear a Blouse with Leggings? The leggings are such a comfortable staple that are useful not only for workout sessions but also greatly helpful for routine and office wear.

They are highly liked for fashion wear too. Many Bollywood and Insta stars have been spotted wearing leggings quite often. The leggings can be paired with various tops like Hoodies, Shirts, Knit cardigans, and many other top garments. But, how the leggings will look with a blouse? The trendy blouse designs will serve in the best manner and accentuate the looks of the wearer.  Let’s check this combination.


Leggings With A Blouse

The stretchy and comfortable features of leggings make them the perfect option for working, running, lounging, and various other indoor and outdoor activities. For such a hardworking staple, the most suitable and appropriate top is a must for looking elevated and chic.

The blouse is one such top that provides a perfect match with leggings. A breezy and non-restrictive blouse is a chic way of accentuating the blouse and leggings. The blouse, which is a little longer and flowy, will best serve the purpose. A poplin blouse can be the most suitable and comfortable choice.

Wearing a blouse with leggings is an easier way to pull together an outfit. Some style combinations of a blouse and leggings outfit for your inspiration are as follows:

A bold pattern blouse with plain leggings will instantly upgrade your style. A crop top or tank top blouse with high-waisted leggings will look cool and complement the looks. A lightweight, airy, and oversized blouse that reaches a little down to the leggings will go well in the summer season.

It is not essential to go for plain black leggings with a blouse all the time. In case you are bored with your staple black leggings, experiment with lighter hues and fun patterns for sensational looks. A pastel paired with a little oversized graphic tee will be good to wear on weekends.

Capri-length leggings in a head-turning color will give a positive twist to your blouse and legging outfit. The chicky style belt with such leggings additionally does wonders. You can opt for a matching crop top blouse and leggings set for a casual summer dress. You can also opt for tie-dye leggings paired with a bold and bright crop top blouse.

The split-hem leggings are more in demand by fashionable girls this season. You can try this type of leggings with a breezy, cottoned, and puff-sleeved blouse for effortless warm weather looks. The use of a statement belt with some leggings will add extra polish to your dressing style.

crop top blouse

Pastel leggings

Matching suit

Oversize blouse scaled

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