What Do You Wear With a Saree Without Blouse?

The fashion of wearing a saree without blouse is getting popular these days. Most women follow Bollywood actresses in styling their sarees’ dressings. And, some Bollywood actresses have recently started wearing sarees without blouses. Thus, this fashion is gaining momentum …

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What is a Bikini Blouse?

The bikini is considered a type of swimsuit for ladies. It features two clothes in a triangle shape at the top and two triangle shape clothes at the bottom. The two clothes on top cover the breasts and the two …

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Which Color Blouse Will Match a Yellow Saree?

The impact of various colors on our vibes is a fact. Colors denote meaning based upon the culture, religion, and beliefs in human societies. The color yellow is representative of brightness, optimism, and hope. The yellow color dresses have remained …

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How Do You Match a Blouse?

Matching blouse designs

Mix and match are getting in trend now and nowadays many ladies and young girls are fond of matching things like dresses, jewelry, or saree. There are many who become confused when it comes to matching a dress with anything …

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Which Blouse is Best for Saree?

saree blouse designs 2022

As you know the saree is becoming popular day by day not only in India but in almost every Asian country. Women prefer s to wear a saree on every special occasion or any kinda wedding. Blouse play important when …

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