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One common question that often arises is, Will a full-sleeved blouse with a lehenga look good on a fat girl? Being fat or slim doesn’t matter when wearing a lehenga and blouse outfit. What matters most is the comfort level of the wearer and whether the dress is well-fitted or not.

Any lehenga and blouse combination you feel comfortable with is the best, regardless of what others think or say. Anyhow, if you are looking for a stylish combination of lehenga and blouse for a fat girl, then some attractive and elegant sleeve styles of a blouse may be of great help in this regard. Let’s elaborate on a traditional long-sleeve blouse style with a lehenga.

Lehenga styles

Will A Full-Sleeved Blouse With Lehenga Look Good On A Fat Girl?

The straightforward answer is yes. A long-sleeved blouse with a lehenga will provide a decent and charming look for a fat girl if she follows the given advice. Chubby girls aim to look slim at any event. In this regard, following style tips to flaunt your full-sleeve blouse with a lehenga can be of great help.

  • Choose a more voluminous and high-waisted lehenga with a slim belt.
  • A stiff and flowy fabric like Georgette, Chiffon, Velvet, or Raw Silk will be handy.
  • Go for a vertical design of the lehenga.
  • Moderate decorations or embroidery from top to bottom with not too many bulky motifs
  • Prefer heavy embroidery only on the bottom of the lehenga, not on the blouse or waist of the lehenga.
  • Keep the sleeves of the blouse without any special detailing
  • Broad necklines like the U neck, V neck, Round neck, Scoop neck, or Boat neck not in a deep neck pattern, will be good to avoid attention on the top part of your body.
  • A slightly longer blouse will be good to avoid attention to the waistline.
  • Smaller patterns will add beauty and style.
  • Solid colors will do the magic.

For your aspiration, some style combinations of full-sleeved blouses with lehengas for fat women are being presented here. The curation covers modern and the latest patterns of dressing prevailing in blouse and lehenga fashion.

Lehenga blouse

Lehenga for fat brides

Lehenga for fat ladies

Lehenga for fat girls

A full-sleeve blouse is a must-have option for fat ladies. From routine wear to formal and ethnic wear, a full-sleeve blouse will serve greatly by covering the flabby arms. The combination of a long-sleeved blouse with a lehenga can be of great interest to fat women, as it provides the ideal look.

The images of full-sleeve blouses and lehenga combinations will surely give you an idea of how to create and style your fashion statement. New trends and patterns of stylish blouse designs are introduced regularly by designers. Keep them in focus to look elegant and sophisticated at any party or marriage.

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