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The bikini is considered a type of swimsuit for ladies. It features two clothes in a triangle shape at the top and two triangle-shaped clothes at the bottom. The two clothes on top cover the breasts, and the two on the bottom cover the pelvis and buttocks. The size of the bikinis at the top or bottom can vary.

The bikini is an ancient dress, but the revelation of modern-style bikinis was made by Jacques Helm in 1946. Initially, the dress received a lot of criticism from various sections of society, but at present, the bikini is perhaps the most popular women’s dress for beach wear.

Now, various trends and styles of bikini tops and bottoms are available in the fashion world. Let’s check out various style options for bikini tops here in this article.


What Is a Bikini Blouse?

A bikini top, bra, or blouse is a piece of garment that covers the breasts of the wearer. There are different styles and cuts available for bikini tops or blouses.

The styles include the halter neck style, which is known for more coverage and support, and a strapless bandeau. The bandeau is a rectangular strip of fabric that covers the breasts, minimizing their size. The cups are another style that is similar to a push-up bra.

And there is the traditional triangle cup style. The style is famous for lifting and shaping breasts. The four fundamental types of bare-midriff bikini blouses are bandeau, brassier, halter, and vest. The number of shoulder straps and the resultant number of edges on the garment differentiate among these styles.

Pink swimwear

The bikinis are made of all the materials that are used in garment fashion. The fabrics and other materials used are the sources of styling and modification of bikinis. However, the use of cotton in bikini creation made it more practical and reliable. The use of materials like mink, paper, silk, and gold lurex has provided a fancy and shiny touch to the bikini blouses.

Bikini Variants

Now, bikini blouses or tops are available in different variants. The major variants are described as follows:

  • String bikini
  • Monokini
  • Microkini
  • Tankini
  • Trikini
  • Stick-on bikini
  • Sling bikini
  • Bandeaukini
  • Skirtini

String Bikini

String bikini








Trikini dress scaled

Stick-On Bikini

Stuck on

Sling Bikini






Bikini Patterns

The bikini was initially made of cotton and jersey in a stripped or monochrome style. Then printed materials for bikinis were introduced in the 1950s. The bikinis in flower patterns became popular in the 1960s and after that, in the 1970s, patterns like stripes, large prints, and polka dots were introduced to give the bikinis a tailored look.


The bikini is the modern shape of a two-piece swimsuit. The top garment of the bikini is called a blouse or brassier, and the bottom part is called pants. The blouse covers the breasts, and the pants cover the pelvis and buttocks.

The modern-style bikini was introduced in 1946, and various style patterns were introduced afterward. Different variants of bikinis are available on the market. Various stylish blouses or tops can revamp your looks. You can choose the patterns and styles according to your preferences.

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