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One common question often arises: which color blouse goes best with a green saree? The green color symbolizes “Life and Happiness” as various colors denote different meanings based on culture, religion, and belief. So, wearing a green saree will bring positive vibes and make the wearer happy.

It also adds an elegant touch to the wearer’s appearance. It is not just the saree that is essential for elegant appearances; the choice of a well-fitting and suitable blouse is equally important for an enhanced look. The color plays a vital role in the selection of the blouse. Let’s check out the different colors of blouses that can be best paired with a green saree.

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Color Blouses That Go Best With Green Sarees

Green is a very versatile color. It is associated with nature, prosperity, and good luck. That’s why it is quite popular and has remained desired in sub-continent culture for ages. The color green is auspicious, and women support different shades of this color for a refreshing look.

The different shades of green play an important role in the selection of a green saree and, therefore, the pairing of a colored blouse. Depending on their radiant nature, various prints and patterns of green sarees are introduced regularly by designers.

The shades of green saree and the types of occasions where you want to go are the basic factors in styling a green saree with a bold-colored blouse for an elegant look. Read on to learn about various color blouse combinations with green sarees to make these style combinations a wardrobe staple for you.

Black Color Blouse

Black is a shiny and appealing color. It adds confidence to the wearer’s personality. Although a black blouse can be paired with any lower wear, when it is paired with a green saree, it is a treat to watch. A dark green saree with a black blouse will be a gorgeous-looking choice.

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Golden Color Blouse

The blend of golden and green colors provides the wearer with an essence of royalty and appealing looks to the outfit.

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Navy Blue Color Blouse

Pairing up the green saree with a rich navy blue blouse will add glamour and enhance the looks of the wearer.

Navy blue

Orange Color Blouse

The orange color requires very focused and careful styling. Pair an orange-colored blouse with a green saree rightly and steal the show at any party or marriage.

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Magenta Color Blouse

The magenta-green blouse is ideal for a georgette-green saree with light borders. The magenta blouse also goes best with a light green-shaded chiffon saree.


Olive Green Color Blouse

Play mindfully when pairing an olive green blouse with a green saree to upgrade your appearance. The gorgeous olive green color can add beauty and elegance to your personality.

olive green

Purple Color Blouse

With its funky appearance, the purple-colored blouse can make you look bright and refreshing. Pair your green saree with a purple blouse with minimal accessories for a charming look.


Pink Color Blouse

The pink color is a symbol of elegance and beauty. Pair up your green georgette or chiffon saree with a pink blouse to look prettier at any marriage or party. This color combination is ideal for brides.


Off-White Color Blouse

This is a royal color that provides a soft and subtle look to the dressing. This color also requires heavy accessories. So, keenly opt for a green saree and off-white blouse combination.

off white

Yellow Color Blouse

The combination of a yellow blouse with a green saree is a sure way of attaining the desired attention of viewers at any function.


Red Color Blouse

Red is the color for brides and bold women. It is enough to pair a red blouse with a green saree.


Peach Color Blouse

Pair your green saree with a peach-colored blouse to look subtle and at your level best at any party or function.


If you are looking to pair your elegant green saree with a suitably colored blouse, there are a lot of options to serve your purpose. The various-color blouses are available in markets and online. You can also customize the desired blouse according to your preferences. You can also get stitched the desired color blouse.

The necklines, sleeve styles, and various patterns contribute to the creation of a blouse, along with the color. Choose the blouse design and color according to your comfort. A variety of stylish and trendy blouse designs will make it hard to select a suitable design. Whatever the blouse color and style you choose, keep in mind your physique and choose according to it.

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