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A skirt is a very versatile garment that can be styled in many different ways. It is a sophisticated dress that you can wear throughout the year. You will learn here about various combinations of a blouse and skirt outfit and their styling according to your body shape.

skirt with a sleeveless jacket

What Type of Blouse Goes With a Skirt?

Skirts are the easiest way to create a professional and sophisticated look. In order to know, what type of blouse goes well with a skirt, we first have to know about different types of a skirt and a blouse. Considering the length, skirts can be divided into these categories:

  • Full or Maxi Skirts
  • Half or Midi Skirts
  • Short or Mini Skirts

A blouse and a skirt combination give the impression of a formal or professional dress. It can also be tried for several other occasions. The combination provides fluency to style your blouse and skirt according to your body shape. Let’s elaborate on them further and find some techniques to style each type of skirt with a blouse.

Blouse With Maxi Skirts

Full or flowy skirts possess a lot of volume. A-line skirts, tiered skirts, and full-length or Maxi skirts are some common types. Try to pair this type of skirt with an appropriately fitted blouse to balance the volume. A full voluminous blouse with a huge volume skirt will add bulk, and your overall look will get larger and bulkier. A lightweight and slim-fit blouse will balance the flowy skirt. A skirt with pleats looks nice and full and can be perfectly styled and balanced with a fitted blouse.

traditional blouse and skirt

long skirt with peplum blouse

flarred skirts with blouse

crop top blouse with long skirt

Blouse With Midi Skirts

A skirt with a hemline just below the knees can be worn in different styles and can be paired with various blouses according to your preferences. This is a versatile combination that is flattering for different body shapes. It gives a perfect illusion of curves. The basic rule of styling a Midi skirt is to keep the hemline at or just below the knees when going to work or on a formal occasion. And keep the hemline way above the knees when going to parties.

pencil skirt

A versatile Midi skirt comes in neutral colors and can be paired with various styles and colors of blouses. If the skirt is loose or flowy, pair it with a fitted blouse, and if the skirt is tight like a pencil skirt, pair it with a loose or voluminous blouse. The most suitable option for office wear is a tight midi skirt.

Red lace skirt

Black midi skirt

Crop tops and tank top blouses are some perfect choices for Midi skirts. Crop top blouses can be worn on themselves or layered under other items if you want to show midriff skin. Various stylish blouse designs provide a perfect match with such skirts for a comfortable or relaxed look. It is optional, but highly recommended to wear a long cardigan or jacket with this combination for such a cute look.

Blouse With Mini Skirts

Mini skirts are the source of a powerful fashion statement. The bold look provided by mini skirts can make heads turn at any party or function. The options for styling mini skirts with blouses are endless. It would be great to try various types of mini skirts, like colored mini skirts, tartan mini skirts, printed mini skirts, mini skirts with frills, and A-line mini skirts.

Go for a loose-fitted top to balance the impression and avoid looking frumpy. Go for fishnet stockings with your mini skirt for an edgier look. A jacket on top with a crop top blouse will be a handy choice. If you are not comfortable with the bold look of a mini skirt, opt for a long cover-up or trench coat. Pairing hot colors with pastel shades in a blouse with a mini skirt outfit is trending currently.

flarred mini skirt

sleeveless blouse

Mini skirt for outdoor


Maintaining the balance between the blouse and skirt is the key factor. If you are considering a loose or flowy skirt, then opt for the fitted blouse, and if you are going for a fitted skirt, then opt for the loose fitting and flowy blouse. Choose the skirt that fits your waist so that it remains fully held. A belt at the waistline will enhance your looks. Blouse neck styles also add to the fabulous impression of your looks; choose the blouse design according to your preferences.

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