Latest Simple Blouse Back Neck Designs 2022 Images

Using a distinctive and well-crafted blouse design with Saree or Lehenga will enhance the style of an entire outfit. Presently, many patterns and styles are added in blouse neck designs, sleeves, and shoulders with stylish cuts and spectacular work. Like other segments, the backside of a blouse is the most visible part and is more likely to create delicate designs and styles. Back neck designs of blouses have charisma and enthusiasm for brides and women of all age groups.

Women want to look better than the rest. The thrill of this very concept enhances the creativity of blouse designers and they are experimenting variety of patterns, especially the back neck designs. Some features that add style to the backside design of a blouse are embroidery work, cut patterns, patchworks, sheer backs and tassels, Dori or hook styles.

In modern trends, Zardosi or thread work, Cuts in the shape of oval, circle or pinhole are in fashion. Patches with intricate embroidery designs and floral motifs are also being used commonly. A transparent layer of the net provides the sheer beauty of the back neck. Cute embellishments like tassels, bows, buttons and hook styles increase the prettiness of the blouse.


Undoubtedly, these modern features have maximized the range and variety in the new fashion blouses. So, to save your time and introduce you to new patterns, has curated a catalogue of blouse back neck images. This collection comprises simple to modern and trendy designs. Photos of 3/4 hand blouse back neck designs are also provided. This arrangement also contains blouse back neck bridal designs.

Conclusive information can be obtained from the blouse designs arena. Stay in continuous touch with us for in fashion designs of a blouse that you want for a trendy look.

Blouse Back Neck Designs With Borders

Borders add a fancy and glamorous touch to the blouse back neck patterns. Different embellishments and embroidery patches are done around the borders of the back neckline. Beautiful laces attached to the back neck make the blouse border look pretty. Given are some unique images of the amazing and stunning borders on the backside of a blouse.

back design with borders back neck border patterns back neck borders of blouse back neck fancy border design blouse design with borders border design of blouse back side borders patterns for back neck half sleeves back neck design simple back neck design amazing back neck border design border embroidery design

Blouse Back Neck Designs 2022

The back neck of a blouse provides an opportunity to play with various styles and designs being created on it. Intricate embroidery patches, beautiful Laces, amazing zardozi or thread work and matching or contrast colour sheer fabric of net are some features of back neck embellishments. Tassels, hooks and buttons styles do not only provide support to the blouse but also look cute and pretty on back neck designs. Here is a wide range of photos that describe the back neck of a blouse.

blouse back neck patterns sheer net back neck designs

back neck design back side embroidery blouse bridal back neck blouse design bridal blouse back neck image bridal blouse design of back neck decorated back neck design ruffle back neck design simple cut back neck square back neck design

Blouse Back Neck Designs Silk Saree

Silk fabric possesses the charm and elegance that makes it perfect for any dressing. With silk saree innovative back neck designs make the blouse outlook amazing. Although the blouse designs are comfortable and stylish yet it is important that how you carry the saree. Some modern and designer’s back neck combinations with silk sarees are presented here.

back neck blouse designs for silk saree back design for silk saree back neck design for silk saree image back neck design for silk saree back neck embroidery image Bridal back neck blouse for silk saree saree blouse back design silk saree back neck design silk saree stylish back neck blouse traditional blouse back design silk saree

Blouse Back Neck Designs with Patch Work

A patch is a piece of fabric mostly cotton used for the embellishment of the blouse. Various attractive and stunning embroidery designs are crafted on these patches. These patches are attached to the back neckline of a blouse to look prettier and fashionable. A glance at our catalogue will leave you astonishing due to the beauty of the patchwork.

back patch image back patch work blouse back patch work design back side patch image floral patches hand embroidery patch design patch work blouse patch work design traditional back patch image

As this catalogue is opulent with the latest and modern images of blouse back neck designs, going through this you will definitely have made your mind of a certain blouse back design. Blouse designs with border styles and intricate patchwork enrich this collection. The backside patterns of a blouse with silk sarees are a treat to watch. Cuts, sheer nets and tassels or hook styles add a different touch and make the blouse look pretty. All you have to do is to select the blouse design suitable to your body shape. Have fun this festive season and enjoy compliments from people around you with these glorious and glamorous designs.

Your feedback will surely help to improve this curation. Stay connected with us for modern trends and styles of blouse back neck designing.

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