Simple Thread Work Blouse Designs For Pattu Sarees 2022 Images

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Pattu saree, being one of the most popular outfits in Indian culture is made purely of high-quality silk materials. For weddings or other special occasions, this traditional attire is the most liked and preferred choice. There are different designs, variations, and styles of Pattu sarees prevailing in the fashion market.

Matching a detailed worked blouse with a Pattu saree is a crucial aspect for a gorgeous look. Work blouse designs enhance the glamourous appeal of saree dressing. Pattu saree blouse work designs reflect the skills of artisans. The colorful thread work and amazing stonework details with glittery Zari or Zardozi embroidery make a perfect match for these blouses with Pattu sarees.

A design blouse for Pattu saree comprises various exquisite work details. The work details range from simple thread work to mirror work, Zardozi work, and intricate Aari work. For wedding or bridal wear, the blouse having Maggam work details is preferred as it has the ability to totally transform the look of the saree.

work designs

Maggam work blouse designs for Pattu sarees have beautiful design patterns on necklines and sleeve styles. These design patterns are created with a combination of beads, sequins, mirrors, Kundan, and colourful threads. Various floral or birds motifs are created to decorate these blouses. Maggam work blouses are preferred highly because they gel beautifully with the silk fabric of Pattu sarees.

Pattu saree blouse designs

Pattu work blouse designs are decorated with fine crafts of skilled artisans. Depending on the elaborateness of the work, a work blouse for Pattu sarees is embellished by hand, machine, and computer embroidery techniques. Women all over India love to pair their Pattu sarees with delicate work blouses. These intricately worked blouse designs look fabulous on special occasions like festivals, parties, marriages, and cultural events.

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If you are looking for inspiration or seek a stylish and well-crafted blouse for your dreamed Pattu saree, then brings you a catalogue of Pattu blouse work designs. All these designs have amazing work patterns of thread, mirror, Aari, Zardozi, and Maggam embroidery. By scrolling down, you will feel a stunning impression and surely will fall in love with these magnificent work blouses.

Heavy Work Blouse Designs For Pattu Sarees

Heavy work blouses are loved by women all over for weddings and other grand occasions. The detailed and neatly done embroidery work with different materials is the major reason. Heavy work designs on blouses provide Pattu sarees with a traditional and opulent look. The luxurious silk fabric of Pattu sarees blends greatly with heavy work on necklines and sleeves of a blouse. Some selective designs of these blouses are here for your inspiration.

heavy work designs Aari embroidery design bridal blouse image bridal blouse embroidery work design heavy embroidery blouse Maggam work design marriage blouse stylish blouse image wedding blouse

Computer Work Blouse Designs For Pattu Sarees

Computer work blouses are created with the help of software. A design or pattern of work blouse is created in the computer and then it is transferred to the software of the machine. The machine then finely crafts that design on blouse fabric. Our collection of computer worked blouses for Pattu sarees is here for your consideration.

computer embroidery design embroidery blouse image half sleeve blouse impressive wedding blouse indian bridal dress marriage blouse style new design saree blouse sleeve embroidery design traditional motifs design wedding saree design

Stone Work Blouse Designs For Pattu Sarees

Stones of various colours and different shapes are embedded in blouses with glittery zari or Zardozi threads in our collection. This delicate stonework on front necklines and sleeve styles of blouses magnify the beauty of royal Pattu sarees. These stone worked blouses go really well with Pattu sarees and leave a pleasant impression on viewers.

stone embroidery designs stone work designs back neck design blouse for wedding deep back neck design marriage blouse new stone work design simple stone work design stone and zari work design stone embroidery blouse

Patch Work Blouse Designs 2022 For Pattu Sarees

A blouse embellished with delicately crafted patches provides an elegant look to the Pattu saree dressing. Being so, we are providing you here some latest and stylish patchworked blouses to style your Pattu sarees.

embroidery patches back neck design elegant blouse design embroidery patch blouse embroidery patch design marriage blouse image patch embroidery blouse patch work design sleeve and back neck design wedding design

Simple Thread Work Blouse Designs For Pattu Sarees

Unique thread embroidery on blouses excels their impression. Various floral, birds, and veils patterns are created with thread work on sleeves and necklines of blouses. These thread work blouses when paired with Pattu sarees provide a perfect match. Some Pattu blouse work designs of thread embroidery are presented here for your inspiration.

thread work design

thread embroidery designs thread work blouse back neck designs gold threads design hand design marriage blouse design simple thread embroidery simple thread work design stylish thread work blouse thread work marriage blouse thread work with matching pallu

Simple Mirror Work Blouse Designs For Pattu Sarees

Mirror work on blouses remains in fashion round the year and is the prime choice of girls for the Pattu sarees. Numerous patterns and shapes of mirrors accentuate the blouse design and it looks glamourous with pattu sarees. Images of some stunning mirror work blouses are included in this collection to give you the best choice to try with your Pattu sarees.

mirror work blouse images mirror work blouses mirror work designs back neck design bridal blouse Half hand blouse marriage blouse style mirror blouse design wedding blouse hand design wedding design

A little extra glam is the requirement of weddings and other special occasions. And, work blouse designs for Pattu sarees are the best fit to fulfil this requirement. After having a look at this collection, you can easily make your mind to pair your Pattu sarees with a delicately worked blouse design. Whichever your choice may be, keep the focus on the fittings of the blouse. Only a best-fit blouse to your body shape will serve the purpose.  They are easy and comfortable to carry at any wedding or party. Some designs provide you with heck free feeling of inner-wear.

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