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The fashion of wearing a saree without a blouse is getting more popular these days. Most women follow Bollywood actresses in styling their sarees’ dressings. And some Bollywood actresses have recently started wearing sarees without blouses. Thus, this fashion is gaining momentum fast. The style is liked because of its versatility and the options it gives women.

However, many women think wearing a no-blouse saree is okay in a private room or a house without in-laws. But the blouse is essential for public appearance, according to them. They suggest a bandeau-type bra is essential for minimal coverage, at least.


Do you know that the saree was worn without a blouse or petticoat before the British Raj in the sub-continent? It was customary to wear a saree without a blouse. The use of blouses started during the British Era, as without a blouse, a saree was considered improper. The trend of saree-no-blouse dressing has been revived in recent years.

without blouse saree

You can wear a no-blouse saree in a number of ways. The draping styles and use of the Pallu are major factors in the absence of blouse saree dressing. The trend is being seen as aspirational, and many young girls are adopting it fast. Especially in cities, girls are looking to wear a saree without a blouse and petticoat.

As discussed earlier, there are various styles of draping the no-blouse saree. Thus, to make you aware of these styles and patterns, the blouse designs arena presents you with some images of saree-no blouse combinations. Discover trending styles and patterns to create your fascinating look in casual or ethnic wear.

without blouse saree

Is It Necessary To Wear A Blouse When Wearing A Saree?

Well, this depends on the preferences and habits of the wearer. If she is habitually wearing blouses, then it is definite that she will be uncomfortable without wearing a blouse with a saree dressing. And if she is not used to or habitual in wearing blouses, then she will feel comfortable without a blouse and a saree.

In formal or ethnic wear, women prefer to wear a blouse with a saree. But, in casual wear, especially at home, some women may prefer not to wear the blouse with saree dressing. Some bold women are also preferring sarees without blouses these days. So, it is not necessary at all to wear a blouse when wearing a saree. It is occasional, habitual, and preferential to wear the blouse with a saree.

saree without blouse.

What Do You Wear With a Saree Without a Blouse?

There are different ways of styling a saree without a blouse and making your look creative. Some of the most trending ways are being described here to enable you to make your style statement with a no-blouse saree.

Saree With A Bralette

Wearing a bralette with a saree is popular fashion nowadays. A bralette is a sheer lingerie garment that possesses no cups or inner wires. For a push-up-like effect, a bralette is worn beneath the breast area. It provides the required support and is the hottest pattern in a saree without a blouse. The bralettes are available in different colors and patterns.


Saree With A Crop Top

Crop tops are the easiest swaps you can make for your saree, no blouse dressing.

crop top

Saree With A Peplum Top

Peplum tops are a marked change in the way women style a no-blouse saree. For a trendy and young look, you can style your saree with a peplum top instead of a blouse.

peplum tops

Other than these tops, you can also opt for a mid-length Kurti, shirt, and sweater to wear with a saree instead of blouses. An off-shoulder top will also serve the purpose well.


Although saree blouses provide a perfect combination for ethnic and formal dressing and even casual wear, women are creating their own styles of saree dressing these days by wearing sarees without blouses. It is a positive change; go for it only by keeping in mind your physique and preferences.

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