Simple & Latest Maggam Work Blouse Designs 2022 Images

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Among the best textile traditions of India, there has been the rich heritage of embroidering a blouse fabric. Maggam embroidery serves as the best tool to make a blouse design beautiful. The art of work blouse designs has evolved so much that it has become the most popular and preferred embroidery form in contemporary blouse fashion.

In the Mughal era, Maggam work on blouses was the most liked and preferred embroidery style for the royal families. Inspired by nature, the skilled artisans craft ornate and delicate designs on blouses. The precise stitches and the fine gradations of the thread colors give their work an intricate look. A tight frame is required in Maggam embroidery to hold the cloth. And, embroidery is done with the help of a needle having an eponymous hook.

Attractive beads, pearls, sequins, and mirrors are used to decorate the Maggam work. Multi-coloured flowers are created with glittery Zari or Zardozi threads in floral Maggam designs. Maggam embroidery designs also jell very well with silk fabric. On one side Maggam work blouse designs are in fashion these days. A green colour blouse with Maggam work is also a much appreciated and preferred choice.

Maggam work designs

Hand embroidery is replaced with machine embroidery in modern Maggam work designs. However, the importance of hand-embroidered blouses is still there in the market. Especially, the Maggam work blouse designs for bridal wear are preferred in hand embroidery. It takes almost two to three days to do Maggam work on a bridal blouse in hand embroidery.

Maggam embroidery blouses

Various options for Maggam embroidered blouses are prevailing online and in the market. So, the selection of a suitable and well-fitted blouse design has become a tough job. Being so, blousedesignsarena brings you a catalogue of new, latest, and bridal wear Maggam embroidery blouses. The purpose is to introduce you to the in fashion and stylish Maggam work on blouses so that you can easily pick a suitable one for you. The bridal collection and the elbow-length Maggam work blouse designs are the specialities of this curation.

Bridal wear patterns

These blouse images are equally fit for your casual and ethnic wear. The intricate embroidery patterns of Maggam work will provide you with a Royal and elegant look at any wedding or party. This catalogue is not created with price options as we don’t sell blouses. We only collect stylish and fashionable blouse designs for your service.

New Simple Maggam Work Blouse Designs 2022

Simple stitches and fundamental shades of threads comprise this collection. The simple yet descent embroidery styles provide the blouses with an elegant look. The creative ideas of makers of these simple yet fashionable blouses make these blouses a preferable choice for your Saree or Lehenga dressing.

Maggam work designs back neck design fancy blouse design Maggam embroidery image

Maggam work blouse hand design new maggam work blouse pattu saree blouse Ruffle blouse saree blouse pattern thread work blouse

Latest Maggam Work Blouse Designs Images 2022

The use of stones, Kundan, and beads is popular in the latest Maggam work on blouses. Threadwork of silver and gold Zari or Zardozi on full-body is likely in modern Maggam designs. Maggam work blouses with silk saree are being praised for a wedding or bridal wear. Here are some latest blouse images with stylish and intricate Maggam embroidery.

Latest patterns of Maggam embroidery blouse with latest embroidery patterns Heavy maggam work blouse Heavy maggam work blouse neck embroidery blouse new pattern blouse pattu saree blouse saree blouse sleeve embroidery design wedding blouse

Maggam Work Blouse Designs 2022 For Wedding

In wedding or bridal wear, Maggam embroidery is done on necklines and sleeves patterns of a blouse. Various floral or birds motifs created with glittery threads add a special look to the design. Amazing beads, sequins, mirrors, and pearls embellished on full body or on sleeve patterns are the key feature of a bridal blouse design. The glittery thread work of Zari or Zardozi provides a traditional royal look to the bridal blouse. Experience the amazing embellishments and intricate work styles on bridal blouses in this collection.

Hand embroidery designs Maggam work designs back neck style bridal blouse latest wedding blouse maggam embroidery blouse marriage blouse image patch embroidery design Pattu saree blouse wedding blouse image wedding blouse

Maggam’s works with embellishments like pearls, beads, sequins, and mirrors give a stunning look to the blouse design. The Maggam work blouse designs when paired with Pattu saree or silk saree will provide an elegant and royal look for you. Looking attractive and descent in any wedding or function is the prime concern of every girl and, a blouse design with Maggam embroidery serves the purpose well. The latest and simple Maggam embroidery blouses of this collection are best for your ethnic wear. And, if you are looking for a bridal blouse, then there is no need to wander in markets or spend hours online seeking the best fit and the latest fashion bridal blouse. Just login to our collection and stay in continuous touch with us for your desired and dreamed blouse design.

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