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A “Top” is generally a broad term for garments worn on the upper part of the body. Any piece of cloth that is covering the upper half of the body can be classified as a “top”. As the top is the broadest term, let’s elaborate it further to know the difference between a top and a blouse.

What is the Difference Between A Top And A Blouse?

More often, top refers to a woman’s dressing. So, here, we will discuss the term top in the context of women’s dress and not men’s clothing. Although, the top is used as a term for men’s shirts, Kurtas, and other upper body clothing yet here we will discuss the term top only for women’s upper body garments.

floral shirt

Now, the blouse in the modern fashion world refers to an article of clothing that gathers at the waist and puffs out above the waistline. While in contrast, a top is a generic term used for any kind of dressing that a woman wears on her upper body part. So, a blouse can be considered a top garment for women.

Along with the blouse, various garments that are used as a top for women dressing include shirts, Kurtis, tunics, and many others. The blouse differs from these top garments in the parameters of length, buttons, collars, styles, and fullness. Based on modern fashion trends, a slightly fancier and more formal look is attributed to a blouse.

A blouse has many different cuts and patterns. Sleeve styles from Half sleeves, Cap sleeves to Sleeveless add charm to a blouse design. Neck patterns like U neck, V neck, High neck, and deep neck also contribute to its beauty and style. The type of fabric, collar styles, and various cute embellishments also enrich the blouse design. Various modern trends, stylish patterns, and embroidery designs are presented at the blouse designs arena for your inspiration and clear understanding.

Blouse and shirt

Most people are more curious about blouses and shirts compared with other top garments of women dressing. So, let’s elaborate on them further.

Difference Between a Shirt And a Blouse

Usually, a shirt and blouse both are considered for formal and casual wear top garments. But, technically there are some differences between these two. Let’s check out.

Shirt and blouse

The main difference between these two is length. The length of a blouse remains at the waistline or above while a shirt is more lengthy than the waistline. The other difference is of buttons. Normally a shirt has buttons all the way down the front while these buttons pattern is missing in a blouse. Many blouses may have several buttons at the front of the neck or a zipper as a closure, But the button pattern all the way down doesn’t exist. Both shirts and blouses can have collars. The difference is the types of collars. A shirt can possess a button down, tab, straight, or spread away collar, etc while the blouse can have a tie collar, a rounded peter pan collar, a drooping Chelsea collar, etc The word shirt is also used for both men and women while a blouse specifically refers to women’s top dressing.

blouse with shirt

Woman shirt

Net blouse

In the context of tops, historical stylings of blouses always remain in the trend of the fashion world. In the past, various trends in blouse neck and sleeves styles have been introduced and this practice is still going on. Stylish combinations of Laces, Net, and Patches are prominent in modern fashion. The addition of these embellishments revamps a blouse design totally. For example, net blouses with half or full-sleeve styles can leave an eye-catching impression of you at any party or function.

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