Saree Blouse Designs

What Are the Blouse Designs for a Silk Saree?

When it comes to silk saree then this saree has its own beauty and also when you pair a silk saree with a unique blouse design then it will add extra charm to your beauty. You are living in an era where you can’t ignore the beauty of a blouse when it comes to silk saree and before choosing a silk saree you must go through the best blouse designs for your silk saree. The main part about the silk saree is its big border that covers almost everything. If you are willing to get a sophisticated look then you must go for a silk saree with a unique design blouse. When it comes to blouses there are 1000+ designs that you can choose from.

blouse Designs for a Silk Saree

What Are the Blouse Designs for a Silk Saree?

Blouses that are perfect with silk sarees are given below. We have chosen them according to your behalf and you all gonna love them, Have a look below.

  • Tube Blouse 
  • Asymmetrical Blouse 
  • Back Neck Blouse 
  • Patch Work Blouse
  • Net Blouse 
  • Pot Neck Kundan Embroidered Blouse
  • Plain Sleeveless Blouse
  • Half Sleeves Pattu Blouse
  •  Printed Raw Silk Saree Blouse Design
  • Maggam Work Blouse 
  • Peacock Blouse 
  • Embroidered Cut Blouse

o4ituf I2xUY3RlnB79DaVvI VtzC3jKKzSXTKu9KUKpJfl6POD6 VCiF3fSqd6Op LDFpEkBayjOGrMMix95cEd 5P4QUfeyjnKwE9V6YUYcYHdLAdzvv8HkGs16Gr6DMrplZRZ1. Tube Blouse 

tube blouse for silk saree

tube blouse silk saree

2. Asymmetrical Blouse

Asymmetrical Blouse design

Asymmetrical Blouse for silk saree

3 . Back Neck Blouse

Back Neck Blouse for saree

Back Neck Blouse for silk saree

4. Patch Work Blouse

Patch Work Blouse f0r silk saree

Patch Work Blouse

5. Net Blouse

Net blouse for silk saree

silk saree net bl0use

6. Pot Neck Kundan Embroidered Blouse

Pot Neck Embroidered Blouse

Pot Neck Kundan Embroidered Blouse

7. Plain Sleeveless Blouse

Plain Sleeveless Blouse saree

Plain Sleeveless Blouse

8. Half Sleeves Pattu Blouse

Half Sleeves Pattu Blouse 2022

Half Sleeves Pattu Blouse

 9. Printed Raw Silk Saree Blouse Design

printed blouse

Printed silk blouse

10. Maggam Work Blouse

Maggam Work Blouse 

Maggam Work Blouse design

11. Peacock Blouse

peacck blouse 2022

Peacock design blouse

12. Embroidered Cut Blouse

cut embroiderd design

Embroidered cut blouse design

These are some blouse designs that you can buy or can easily stitch in your own way. Let us know in the comments section below what designs you like and what design you love to wear with a silk saree, We really appreciate your feedback.

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