New Assamese Blouse Design Images 2022

The Assamese blouse design also called chador is a traditional piece of cloth that is worn by women of Assam. There is another cloth called Mekhela that is also worn in a systematic manner with a blouse or chador for a graceful appearance. The blouse or chador is the upper part and Mekhela is the lower part of Assamese dressing.

The Assamese traditional blouse design is the chador of Mekhela chador dressing that is tucked in the upper portion of the Mekhela for an elegant look. In a traditional style, one end of the chador is tucked above the belly button and the rest piece of the cloth is draped all along the chest and backside. After making some pleats, the other end is also tucked in the belly. Another piece of cloth called Riha was also worn in the past as a chador or inner part of a chador.

The ornamental designs on the Assame pator blouse design are woven and not printed. Sometimes, a printed design is attached to the chador or lower part of Mekhela. That is called paari. The ornamental designs include floral, birds, animals, and historical events motifs. The patterns over Mekhela are more preferred by women than on blouse or chador.

The Assamese bridal blouse designs are created by mixing retro with modern to get a chicky and deva look. The trend of mixing up classic or traditional designs with stylish and trendy patterns is increasing in blouse fashion. The efficiency of such blouses is that they provide the freedom to accessorize the designs with jewelry and various other items. The delicate blouses are styled in such a way that they pull off the world look.

The Assamese Muga blouse designs comprise a variety of wild silk called Muga associated geographically with Assam. The extreme durability and natural yellowish golden tint provide the blouse with a glossy and shimmering texture. This is an exceptionally good option for you if you are looking for a  glittery and shiny blouse that is ethnic and modern at the same time. It is a must to focus on the borders of the blouse and Mekhela because a designed border will complete your look and you can confidently move on.

To introduce you to the traditional and modern trends of Assamese blouse fashion, we bring you a catalog of images highlighting the new designs of Mekhela chador combinations. Check out the splendid designs and be the most attractive and admired personality by wearing any of these.

New Assamese Blouse Design 2022

Especially at weddings, ladies want to adorn themselves with the latest blouse styles. New Assamese blouse styles can be the perfect choice for such occasions. Images included here are some of the new blouse designs that are ideal to wear at special events.

Assamese Blouse Back Design 2022

The blouse’s backside designs take a major part in an overall look of a blouse. The innovative patterns on the back neck and sleeve patterns introduce new trends in blouse fashion. In Assamese blouse fashion, the backside designs and patterns of a chador are also important factors of such dressing. Some fabulous back designs of an Assamese blouse are being presented here for your inspiration.

Assamese Mekhela Sador Blouse Design 2022

Assam’s handloom-made Mekhela Sador is a silky attire that is famous for cultural, marriages, and other special events. The dress accentuates the looks of the wearer manifolds. Some images of Mekhela Sador dressing are being presented here. Feel the craftsmanship and fine patterns of designing the outfit.

The Assamese blouse designs are the sure way of attaining the desired attractive and impressive look at marriage or other functions. With the changing trends in the fashion industry, it is important to be in touch with the blouse fashion world. Stay in continuous touch with the blouse designs arena for the upcoming trends and styles of Assamese traditional, bridal, and Muga blouse designs.

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