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Zardozi is an art of embroidery in which a metal-coated thread is used. The thread called Zardozi is usually made of thin strands of metals like gold, silver, and copper. Using a needle intricate embroidery designs are crafted on the fabrics in this art.

Gold and silver Zardozi embroidery have been a part of the Indian culture, centuries before Christ. The same rich heritage of Zardozi embroidery is used to embellish the blouses. Flowers, birds, and various historical themed motifs are created on blouses in the technique of Zardozi’s work. Zardozi work blouse designs are also stuffed with various beads, pearls, and mirrors using gold and silver Zardozi. Depending on the intricate work involved, a Zardozi work blouse may take several hours for workers to complete their tasks.

Zardozi work designs

Zardozi designs for blouses have acquired modern patterns over the passage of time. The Fineness and delicacy of Zardozi art have improved manifolds in modern patterns. As women are showing interest in back neck designs of blouses, So, along the front neck, Zardozi work back neck designs are becoming more popular in modern fashion. Besides necklines, borders and sleeves of a blouse are also decorated intricately with Zardozi Maggam work designs.  Modern patterns of Zardozi embroidery are not over yet. Various beautiful and attractive patches are also crafted with Zardozi art and then, these patches are attached to blouses to create the latest Zardozi work designs.


As we described earlier, various modern patterns of Zardozi embroidery on blouses are in fashion. So, is here to save you from the hassle of selecting a suitable and best fit Zardozi threadwork blouse design. We have compiled a collection of Zardozi work blouse images to provide you with the best and most credible option for selecting blouse work embroidery designs. Option of price is not available as we don’t sell blouses. We only collect stylish and fashionable Zardozi embroidered blouses and make them available for you. These blouse images are up to the latest trends prevailing in the market. This collection ranges from simple to heavy Zardozi blouses. Images of Aari Zardozi’s embroidered blouses are also the key feature of this collection.

zardozi thread work

These delicately embroidered blouses are equally suitable for ethnic wear and for wedding or party wear. Some finely crafted blouse patterns are the best suited for brides. The criss-cross leafy patterns created with Zardozi threads make these blouses the first choice of women. Having a glance at this collection will surely aspire you to have one artistically crafted blouse for your special wearing.

Simple Zardosi Work Blouse Designs 2022

Though simple, yet these blouse designs are elegant to watch. Small Veils, Flowers, and artistic styles are created with rich golden or silver color Zardozi threads. Front and back necklines are embellished with glittering Zardozi art. Different sleeves patterns are decorated with fine Zardozi embroidery. Having a look at these will provide you with a better idea.

half sleeves blouse image of zardozi blouse light Zardozi embroidery image new simple zardozi blouse Simple Zardozi design simple zardozi embroidery simple Zardozi work blouse Simple zardozi work on blouse simple zardozi work square neck blouse zardozi detailing blouse

Heavy Zardosi Work Blouse Designs 2022

In these blouse images, you will notice the fully decorated front and backsides and sleeves of blouses. Various complex patterns and intricate embroidery styles will catch your eyes. Big floral or birds motifs will leave you astonishing. Various thread embroidery techniques on borders of blouses will stun you with their fine craftsmanship. Small beads, pearls, Kasulas, and mirrors attached with sparkling Zardozi threads will leave you in an awful situation. Have a look at it.

bead and zardozi work design floral zardozi design full zardozi embroidered blouse fully embroidered bridal blouse half sleeves blouse heavy zardozi embroidery design Royal Zardozi embroidery blouse wedding blouse woven floral design Zardozi and moti work blouse zardozi embroidery blouse

Aari Zardosi Work Blouse Designs 2022

Delicate embroidery designs created with Aari using rich Zardozi threads are the key feature of these blouse images. Pearls, beads, Kundan, and mirrors are so elegantly combined with gold or silver Zardozi with the help of Aari. Layered applique work is completely unique and makes this curation pleasing for the eyes.

aari embroidery sleeves designs aari embroidery zardozi work aari work and zardozi work design aari work blouse for wedding aari work bridal design aari work simple design aari work zardozi embroidery bridal blouse design bridal blouse wedding blouse design zardozi embroidery aari work design zardozi work bridal blouse image aari embroidery saree blouse

Every woman desires to look gorgeous and distinctive at any function or party. This collection of Zardozi work blouse designs will totally revamp your style and help you in achieving your goal of stylish looking. The ultra-modern patterns of zardozi embroidery add shine and class to these blouses. The contrasting Zari and Zardozi thread work makes this collection a dream choice. The royal look of Zardozi embroidered blouses will make you distinctive at any function and the people around you will stay mesmerized. By adorning yourself with Zardozi thread worked blouses, you will feel like a character of an Indian fairy tale.

This collection will be perfect with your feedback as we don’t consider it a complete one. provide us with your precious thoughts to make this effort a perfect one. Any queries regarding the blouse images are also welcome.

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